Farm Chores

A day in the life of a farmer is unpredictable at times, but one thing remains constant: chores! Every morning I have morning chores and evening chores- these little things done consistently every day make a big overall impact in the lives of the animals on the farm and in the wellness of the land.

I start farm chores first thing in the morning. The very first thing I do is check on the egg layers and open up their nest boxes. We close them each night to keep their nesting boxes clean. Next, I feed and check on Griffin (our Great Pyrenees that protects the chickens), he is always happy to see me! After checking on the egg layers, I go to the meat chickens (or turkeys if it’s their season). I move their broiler pens the length of themselves to provide them with fresh grass and insects for the day. After the pens I top off their water buckets and fill their feeder. Lastly, I check to make sure the cows have everything they need in their current paddock.

Every evening I go out to the ‘egg-mobile’ to collect the day’s eggs. Collecting them every day keeps the eggs cleans so that the chickens don’t end up cracking an egg inside the nesting box. At the very end of the day I do my favorite chore: moving the cows to fresh pasture! Providing the cows with fresh pasture each evening is good for the cows and for the grass. This practice keeps their grazing area clean, gives the cows a fresh ‘salad bar’ each day, and allows the grass to not be over-grazed.

These daily chores may seem inconsequential at times, but they are the backbone of sustainable farming. Daily management is the key!

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