Introducing TurnTime Farms

D ear Coverall Friends and Family,
I am excited to announce that our new website has been launched and is awaiting your visit. It has been quite some time since we have reached out to everyone.

Let me take a minute to give a quick update as to what is happening on the farm these days. For some of you, the last time we spoke was last summer when I was headed off to intern at Polyface Farms in Virginia. I can proudly say I successfully completed their intern program and gained tons of valuable knowledge and experience. After returning home last fall I began working with our neighbor, Joey and Ramona Loudermilk, along with their daughter and son in law Jenny and Daniel Hord to help get their farm off the ground. After many exciting conversations we pulled the trigger on a wonderful partnership joining both farms together as what is now known as TurnTime Farms.

We still have the same mission and use the same practices that we implicated within Coverall Farms but at an accelerated rate. We are excited to announce we will be offering our very own TurnTime Farms grass-fed beef, pastured pork, as well as our pastured poultry and eggs that we have had in the past. We have been wide open this past fall and winter with big projects such as installing miles of fence and water lines for grazing our cows, building chicken tractors, and designing our pig paddocks. We are excited to finally have a chance to share what has been going on at the farm. We would like to invite you to check out our website, follow us on instagram, like us on facebook, and above all come out to the farm and see first hand what we are doing.

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