Our Farm

TurnTime Farms is a pasture-centered farm that stewards land & animals in a way that brings healing to the land, while producing clean food for Columbus Georgia and the surrounding areas.

The Farm

We use nature as our guide for everything we do here at Turntime Farms. We trust that the Creator knew what He was doing when He fashioned these animals and their instincts. Therefore our animal’s lifestyle and diet reflect this original design.  This means that our cows graze on fresh pasture every day alleviating the need to be supplemented with grain.  This means that our chickens are able to forage and scratch, effectively sanitizing our pastures left in our cows wake.  It means that our pigs live in wooded areas where they have freedom to root and graze.  It also means we have committed to never feed our animals grain that has been genetically modified (GMOs). We respect this design and it is healing for many things: the land, the animals, and the people.

The Land

We don’t just take from the land like conventional farming does- we also give back! Instead of using synthetic fertilizers that kill the microbiological life of the soil, we utilize our animals as natural fertilizers stimulating a more efficient nutrient cycle. By continually rotating our animals, the grass is not harmed by over grazing. This results in rich, healthy soil and quality pasture on which our livestock thrive.

The Animals

By allowing our animals to use their innate abilities, they are able to enjoy life in their natural state. Our animals are in the environment they were intended to be in, they are always treated humanely, and they are not fed things that they were never intended to eat. This stress free environment allows us to forgo the routine administering of harmful antibiotics and medications to our animals.

The People

The result of healthy land and healthy animals is a healthy product! Pastured meats and eggs offer a higher percent of vitamins that are richer in antioxidants and contain no harmful additives. Read more about it here.