Turntime Farms

Our Story


Turntime Farms began when a perfect storm of three families’ stories all collided into an unimaginably perfect partnership. Each of the families brings a different talent and asset to the farm while all sharing the same honest desire to do what is noble for their families, the land around them, and the animals they raise to offer their community a healthy alternative to today’s unhealthy standard of farming and commercial food industry.

Joey and Ramona Loudermilk

Joey and Ramona Loudermilk moved to Mayo Rd. (next door to Coverall Farms) in the early 2000s, while Joey worked as general counsel for Aflac and Ramona stayed home to take care of their family. Joey retired from Aflac in 2014 and decided to continue his legal work on the other side of the bench as a juvenile court judge. Joey enjoyed watching his family and the land around him grow, which ultimately lead him to sitting down with an enthusiastic neighbor (Justin) and hardworking son-in-law (Daniel) to discuss how the three of them could steward the land around them in a way that would continue to grow their families and the land around them.

Julie and Justin Jordan

Julie and Justin Jordan began their farming journey in the Summer of 2014. At the time Justin was working as a nurse when he began researching sustainable farming which led him to Joel Salatin and the world-renown Polyface Farms. After reading Joel’s book, “You Can Farm”, Justin was convinced he could do just that. The first two years consisted of building “Coverall Farms” while raising pastured poultry and eggs on his family farm. The next chapter of their story consisted of Justin leaving his full time job to intern at Polyface and completing the Summer internship program! Once Justin returned from his internship he continued to pursue farming full time which lead him to Turntime Farms.

Daniel and Jenny Hord

Daniel and Jenny had been “pretend farming” for several years through the outlets of their vegetable garden and honey bee hives. It is a passion of theirs to watch their family be nourished through the provisions of their own backyard. They had also successfully overseen their family’s U-pick blueberry farm which operates as a fundraiser for adoptive families. Daniel grew up visiting his grandparents cattle farm in Kentucky and those seeds planted in his childhood never left him. When Joey purchased a large tract of land near their homes, it seemed a natural fit to turn it into pasture land for cows. Daniel oversaw the rehabilitation of stripped and neglected timberland into the grazable pasture we use today.